Why join AEGEE-Bergamo?

To put yourself out there, gaining skills and experiences that can enrich both your life and your resume!
Because by joining AEGEE you can collaborate in the implementation of international projects and learn how to deal with logistical issues, manage an accounting, write engaging activities, and manage a team. You can find out how to run an association, organize to promote events, develop your network of relationships, and be a leader.
By the way, here is the testimony of an Italian guy who joined AEGEE:

When I first approached the associational world, I was totally inexperienced. I used to watch with admiration those who were orchestrating major events, conferences, cultural exchanges and much more. They were having a great time with students from all over Europe, and I felt like joining them.
However, I understood that it was not that simple. So, I decided to collaborate with those who were organizing important events, and along the way I learned in an exciting way like never before.
This experience gave me the mindset and skills to contribute to the success of organizing international events. Now I can do this not only in my city, but also in unfamiliar places, as the challenges and approaches remain constant.
An extraordinary aspect is that, thanks to the AEGEE association, I discovered the possibility of traveling by spending less than 20€ per day, including room and board. It is a great way to explore the world without having to worry excessively about costs, helping to make this experience even more extraordinary.”