Have you just returned from Erasmus and would like to leave right away without going through the “Go!”? Have you always dreamed of going on Erasmus, but life circumstances have not allowed you to? Would you like to try your hand at organizing an event, discussing current issues, learning about new languages and cultures, or even just getting to know people your own age in your own city?
The environment that has been created in AEGEE for almost forty years and that the nearly 10000 members have managed to build over the years can offer these and so many other possibilities, suitable for all kinds of commitments, wills, and that we are going to discover together!
Let’s start at the top, but not too high. AEGEE offers many opportunities at the European level, from simple participation in Focus Areas discussions to more important positions such as the presidency and secretariat of the association at the European level.

Leaving aside the presidency and other CD (Comité Directeur) positions, which can be accessed in case one has the will to move to Brussels and have responsibility throughout the association at the European level, there are lower-level roles, but which play really crucial roles within the AEGEE association network, such as the Network Commissioner and its Subcommissioners. The Network Commission is responsible for liaising with the local level of AEGEE to make sure that a strong network is maintained within the association and that everything works. To do this, AEGEE’s local offices are divided into a number of areas, made up of about a dozen locals and chaired by a Netcommie, which ensure the possibility of greater ubiquity in the area.

Alternatively, there are various Committees, actual working groups that manage to keep the association alive including through discussion of key issues such as strategy, recruitment of new members, sustainability of membership and association activities. It is possible to participate in the Committees by going to the heart of the association’s life. At the same time there are Commissions, which instead have a more concrete purpose and where one can, for example, put one’s knowledge and skills into practice and learn new skills that add to one’s curriculum and knowledge (Audit Commission, Juridical Commission, etc.).
In addition, for a different kind of engagement, more focused on the dissemination of information and content within and outside the AEGEEense network, it is possible to give one’s contribution to the development of Working Groups regarding the different Focus Areas identified every four years.

At the local level, it is also possible to fill different roles: some more challenging, others requiring less participation and commitment.
Regarding the latter, the organization of AEGEE Bergamo’s different initiatives is supported by a network of people who put their efforts, as much as they can, in the logistical, content and operational management of the event. It is therefore possible to give one’s contribution in the Events Working Group, created specifically to go and distribute the tasks regarding the events, making everything smoother and easier to carry out.
Another commitment that can be made within AEGEE-Bergamo is that of Buddy for one or more Erasmus students, but for this we refer you to the specific article.

Finally, to complete the overview of all the roles one can have in AEGEE-Bergamo, participation in the board is the one that most of all guarantees the existence of the whole: without a president, a secretary, a vice-president, and a treasurer, the association cannot exist, and thus we could say goodbye to all the magnificent events that have been carried on for years and even to the more recently established ones. The board is the soul of AEGEE-Bergamo: the president, in addition to being the face of the association and the legal representative, holds the reins of everything that happens, takes care of some bureaucratic matters and the coordination of the other various roles of the board and the association. The secretary takes care of the more bureaucratic part and keeps the association’s records in order, but also has an active role in decision-making. The vice president, in addition to replacing the president in his duties when the president is absent, may also have other dedicated operational roles, such as PR or HR, Erasmus officer, etc. Finally, the treasurer is responsible for keeping the association’s accounts and managing the bank account.

All these roles, in addition to making a fundamental contribution to the association, without which, we repeat, the whole association would not exist therefore also the various initiatives, do not only represent a commitment of great personal and collective satisfaction, but are a great opportunity for personal growth: everything that one learns in any of these roles, from organizing events to keeping the association’s accounts, are then well spendable in everyday life. By growing in any of these roles, you gain unparalleled practical experience!
In short, in case you would like to participate in the life of AEGEE, not only by taking part in the events, but by helping to give life and consolidate the status of the association, do not hesitate to contact us personally or through the different channels (Instagram @aegeebergamo, email …, etc.), we will be very happy to direct you where you want to go. And remember: AEGEE can give you a lot, but no one is obliged to give anything to the association, there are times to give and times to receive, it is up to you to figure out if and when to give back what you have received or are receiving!