Local Training Course

15-16-17 marzo 2024: fill the form to join us https://forms.gle/FRmyGhmLgtPk6kDp8

A great opportunity to delve into the world of AEGEE events, get to know members of one’s local, and explore the mission, vision, and other AEGEE-related topics is the Local Training Course (LTC). This is a 1 or 2-day event that can cover various general association topics or more specific themes, emphasizing team building within the association.

An example of such an event is the Local Training Course held in 2023, a two-day event entirely hosted at the CTE of the Villaggio degli Sposi in Bergamo. During these two days, members of AEGEE-Bergamo, both newcomers and “veterans,” had the great opportunity to converse and be guided by Augustin Viot, now Network Director and Vice President. Under his wise and crucial guidance, participants were able to explore (or rediscover) the principles and foundations of AEGEE through various activities such as brainstorming, a quiz on Kamoot, and other exercises to make sense of the AEGEE reality.

In addition to these fantastic two days, where topics ranged from AEGEE’s vision to event organization, providing an opportunity for everyone to understand and learn, at least in theory, how these activities function, specific moments were organized to focus on team building and getting to know other local members.

This small event could be the right moment to start actively participating in AEGEE’s life: once certain notions are learned, we are confident that you will be eager to take a small part in the life of the association and perhaps even participate in larger events that can provide even more opportunities and knowledge.

So, what are you waiting for? Contact us and inquire about when your moment to participate in the next LTC might be – it could be very close!