What AEGEE-Bergamo is

AEGEE-Bergamo is the headquarter for our city (antennae) of the biggest european young association!

Aegee members have the possibility to participate every year to several multicultural experiences organized all over Europe by the help of presigious European Universities, and to live in first person applying the concepts of Strategic management, Marketing, Comunication, Economy and Human resource, enriching their own CV with a company recognized experience.
But above all, Aegee means holidays and fun at a reasonable price, easily learn foreign languages, means meet people from all over Europe simply facing with a smile to other cultures!

In all these years AEGEE-Bergamo made possible for thousands young people to:

  • visit Europe at a reasonable price
  • speak and learn new languages
  • meet new friends from all over Europe
  • organize international events
  • have fun with parties, sports activities, games and cultural events
  • grown up as individual and practitioner