AEGEE-Bergamo: The Big Heart of Europe


Dear AEGEEans, dear friends

These words of mine would like to celebrate the great results AEGEE-Bergamo is recently achieving!
First. In Kyiv, during the recent Autumn Agora 2015, we’ve signed the agreement which makes official our commitment to organize the Spring Agora Bergamo 2016, an event which will surprise you by overcoming any expectation.

Secondly. The good news from the Ukrainian capital are not over. Lisa Gregis has been elected as Network Commissioner by receiving more votes than any other candidate, and this makes us very proud of her. I wish to her all the best: good luck Lisa for this new adventure.

To conclude I’d like to thank all the members of AEGEE-Bergamo which have been working during these last weeks on all the welcoming activities for the Erasmus students living this year in Bergamo. For instance I can mention the event we organized last weekend in the lovely Orobian mountains of Valcanale: a huge success based on the teamwork and on the strong friendship which binds us together. Despite the over 2000 Km which were drawing us apart, we were anyways connected with Kyiv and ready to celebrate.

All these facts highlight how AEGEE-Bergamo is first of all a group of friends with a single, huge heart. So brace yourselves because this is just the beginning and a sea of surprises is upcoming!

See you somewhere in Europe,
Davide Viero