New Year’s Eve 2015 with AEGEE

Capodanno a Mosca

No plan fot this New Year’s Eve 2015?
Do you want spend it an european city in an unforgettable event? Meet boys and girls from all the continent that want, as you, discover Europe with the eyes of who lives in a city, a country? Hundreds of volunteers are organizing in all Europe unforgettable events!
Join AEGEE and apply to one of these NYE events! Travelling and learning new languages has never been so fun! 🙂

NYE Frozen in Belgrade [Belgrade (Serbia), 27.12.2014 – 02.01.2015]
Traditional Slovenian drinks and habits 2014 [Ljubljana (Slovenia), 27.12.2014 – 02.01.2015]
New Year’s event: 8 SHADES OF PURPLE [Maribor & Kope (Slovenia), 27.12.2014 – 03.01.2015]
NYE AEGEE-Leiden: Dutchies for Dummies [Leiden (Paesi Bassi), 28.12.2014 – 03.01.2015]
NYE AEGEE-Utrecht: PEACE of Cake! [Utrecht (Paesi Bassi), 28.12.2014 – 02.01.2015]
NYE CAPITAL CITIES:#Moskva #Kyiv [Moscow (Russia) & Kiev (Ucraina), 29.12.2014 – 08.01.2015]
To be a RUSSIAN HERO! [Samara (Russia), 30.12.2014 – 08.01.2015]
AEGEE-Gdańsk New Year’s Eve – Oscar Party [Gdańsk (Polonia), 30.12.2014 – 01.01.2015]