History & Past events

Know exactly what’s in the past of AEGEE-Bergamo, expecially in the first years, hasn’t been easy…
From the few archaeological finds, it seems that AEGEE-Bergamo was born in the mid ’90s, but of this first foundation, there is no more trace…

In 2001 thanks to the great passion of a group of friends (Clelia, Gabriel, Davide, Fabio, Katia, Alberto e Salvatore) and their wish to meet new people from all over Europe, AEGEE shines again in Bergamo!

The first European event on record was “Test Your Resistance” [Bergamo, 21.09-23.09 2001] which was joined by a mass of youth from all over Europe who, like the Three Wise Men long ago, have brought with them Vodka, Gin and Beer to celebrate the birth of the creature of Clelia & Co.

In the following years, several events are helded, here they are listed:
[1.11-4.11 2001]: “Agriturismo in Toscana” viaggio a Siena, San Gimignano e Firenze
[1.22-4.24 2002]: “Evento sulla neve in Trentino” a Fai della Paganella, in collaborazione con CUS Trento
[15.09-19.09 2002]: “Summer University 2002”, in collaborazione con AEGEE Brescia
[15.11-17.11 2002]: “Agriturismo a Urbino”
[07.10-09.10 2003]: “Viaggio in Trentino” con esplorazioni e cultura tra Rovereto, Brentonico e Riva del Garda
[30.12-01.01 2006]: “Capodanno con gli ex-Erasmus a Bergamo” Meeting per i 546 ex-Erasmus a Bergamo
[27.06 2006]: “Mini-evento alle 5 Terre” visita guidata con possibilità di diversi itinerari

In 2007, however, held on the last event before the umpteenth “dormant” break: the “Weekend of Rafting” in Aosta Valley [2.06–3.06 2007], attended from several members and Erasmus students.

…till a warm evening in September 2009 when, a small group of university students (Davide F., Davide M., Jenny, Mattia, Mauro e Paolo), decide to try to revive the association which someone of them had heard about in previous years.

Almost a year after the second re-foundation, it’s time to organize an European event and put all of us to the test!
The event, entitled “mibe.25 – Warm, Wet and Wild: Milan and Bergamo 25th anniversary” [22.07-26.07 2010], was organized together with AEGEE Milan and celebrated the 25 years since AEGEE was founded and of which Aegee Milan was one of the co-founders cities.
The event was an opportunity to visit the enchanting city of Milan and Bergamo, and as usual, ended with the “International Night” which was held right here in Bergamo, where all participants have brought food and typical drink of their nation to try!

Starting from 2011 local and European activities has strongly accelerated and, now, Bergamo is one of the most active city in AEGEE network.