AEGEE Summer Universities 2014

You still don’t know what to do this summer? Do you want to discover Europe, city by city, with the eyes of who lives there?
Apply to AEGEE Summer Universities and you will see how fun Europe is, without spending too much!

AEGEE Summer Universities 2014

What do you have to do to apply for a Summer University?

  1. Become member of your nearest AEGEE local. You can pre-signup at AEGEE-Bergamo here.
  2. After you become meber of AEGEE-Bergamo, get an account.
  3. Choose up to three Summer Universities on the SU website
  4. Submit your application including a motivation letter!

For more information visit our page about SUs:

and the official AEGEE page:

This is the map of the SUs for the year 2014, applications are open until 23rd April!
Summer Universities Map 2014