AEGEE-Bergamo Summer University 2014 & Happy Bergamo

AEGEE-Bergamo - Summer University 2014
Summer: yes, exactly, summer is (almost) coming! University: ….what? Aren’t classes over?
With AEGEE-Bergamo exams never end! But we are not talking about ordinary exams and classes, we are talking about a summer course, a week (from 19 to 26 July 2014) with other 40 young people from all over Europe. They will come to Bergamo to talk about (and practice) sports. So, soccer, basket and volleyball only? Of course not! Rock climbing, trekking, BMX, diving, swimming, dance, gymnastic and much more! Do you want to discover more about it? Write us, call us, contact us and we will explain you how you can participate and/or help the first Sport Summer University in Bergamo!
To promote the Summer Games, AEGEE-Bergamo has realized Happy Bergamo, the sporty version! See you soon…

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