Tandem Bergamo v2

Just over a year after the launch of the online version of the Tandem Project, AEGEE-Bergamo innovates the whole platform to make it easier and to increase the success it gained last year at the University!

There are many ways to learn a new language. The Tandem Project is one of the most easy and effective ways, not only to improve a new language, but also and above all to get in touch with new people and enlarge your social net (…for free!)
AEGEE-Bergamo implemented the platform for the “Centro Linguistico” of the University of Bergamo, a real linguistic social network! You just need to visit the website http://tandem.unibg.it, log in with the access credential of the university and fill in the information about your mother tongue and the language you want to learn… it’s a piece of cake!
The system will list all the profiles of the people wishing to learn your language, and at your disposal to learn you their. Now, it’s up to you! Get in touch with them, have a coffee together, organize Skype sessions… There is nothing better than a new friend to improve a language!